4.29.2022 – good bad that’s ugly

good bad that’s ugly
quest for anonymity
labeled by the world

So much anger.

So much frustration.

We’re tired of being cooped up, tired of being careful, tired of being scared. Our collective fatigue is making some people careless –

However, facing this fatigue is important for our personal health and for beating the coronavirus that has shaken American life so completely. Many people understand this, which adds to their exhaustion and stress.

“This is a real challenge,” said Kaye Hermanson, UC Davis Health psychologist in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. “There are no easy solutions.”

This is a real challenge!

There are no easy solutions.

I just want to hide.

I crave anonymity.

So I go one facebook.

Thats good?

Thats bad?


It sure is ugly.

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