6.11.2021 – as it gave great hope

as it gave great hope
return to ease of normal life
healing to have this

I was struck by the last paragraph of the this story this morning in I left New York for a 4-night trip to Savannah, Georgia by Katie Nave about her first trip outside of New York City and the lockdown rules there.

The paragraph reads:

The mental health benefits of this trip were much greater than any vacation I’ve ever taken, as it gave me great hope that, at some point, we’ll fully return to the ease of normal life. It was healing to have this experience with the person that I love and, thanks to science, I’d do it all again.

I grew up in West Michigan and late in life my job moved me to Atlanta.

While there, my wife and I discovered the city of Savannah and the “low country” or “Gullah-Geechee Corridor” that runs along the east coast from North Carolina to Florida.

Much to my surprise after another job change and we find ourselves living here.

There is much to enjoy and we enjoy it very much.

I now wear a Savannah Banana’s Baseball cap.

It was fun to come across this article about our adopted location.

It was fun to read about things we are accustomed to through the words of someone who was seeing these things for the first time.

But it was awful, truly awful to read and think about the awful impact of this awful virus.

People like to use the term, Game Changer.

Covid is the GAME CHANGER of this age.

Will its impact ever be understood?

Will it impact ever be overcome?

I love that last line.

” … great hope that, at some point, we’ll fully return to the ease of normal life.

Great hope.

Return to ease of normal life.

It is healing to have this.

The start of the healing.

Come visit Savannah.

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