9.16.2020 – no peace, no quietness

no peace, no quietness
feel no rest only turmoil
odi et amo

Combining two great texts for one Haiku.

The first two lines are from the Book of Job when Job speaks to his three companions and says,

“I have no peace, no quietness;
    I have no rest, but only turmoil.” (Chap 3: 26)

This is after all of his family his health and his worldly wealth has been taken away.

The last line is in latin.

Does it break the rule of the Haiku if I use short latin words that take a lot of english words to get their meaning across?

Does it matter?

Do I care?

That is one the best parts of having my blog is that it is my rules so I say its okay.

Odi et amo.

I hate and I love.

From the poet Gaius Valerius Catullus who wrote:

“Odi et amo. Quare id faciam fortasse requiris.
Nescio, sed fieri sentio et excrucior”

By one translation:

I hate and I love.

Why I do this, perhaps you ask.

I know not, but I feel it happening and I am tortured.

One online discussion called a declaration of conflicting feelings.

No kidding.

It is a rainy day here in North Georgia.

Hurricane Sally is starting to creep into the area and it is supposed to rain for days.

The extended turmoil, such a perfect word, for the pandemic goes on with no end in sight.

The election now just weeks away but no real resolution in sight.

I never seem to leave this apartment.

I feel no rest.

Friends and family, like Job’s companions, are there to comfort and create angst.

Odi and amo.

sed fieri sentio et excrucior!

I feel it happening and I am tortured.

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