6.13.2020 – contextualise

sequencer algorithm
seismogram data

I would have bet my best friend’s last dollar that no one, and I mean NO one could use the words in my haiku for today in a single, grammatical sentence.

Never the less, that is where I came across these words.

In one single, grammatical sentence, in the article, “Scientists Detect Surprise Structures Wrapped Around Earth’s Core.” by Michelle Starr on the website, Sciencealert.com.

The article is about how scientists realized they can use data from earthquakes to map the interior of the earth.

Geologist Vedran Lekić of the University of Maryland is quoted as saying, “This is really exciting, because it shows how the Sequencer algorithm can help us to contextualise seismogram data across the globe in a way we couldn’t before.”

Side note, not only does spell check throw out contextualise and seismogram, it also questions the name of the geologist.

But that’s science.

If you don’t have a word, you can create one.

I remember once being in the newsroom at WZZM13 in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Meteoroligist and good friend (we had often been confused for each other but that’s another story) George Lessens walked in.

From across the newsroom I yelled out, “George! Derrechio? Tornadic? You guys make all that stuff up!”

The entire newsroom broke up laughing, including George.

He also never denied it.

The Sequencer algorithm can help us to contextualise seismogram data across the globe in a way we couldn’t before.

What a marvelous phrase.

I am in awe.

But what does it mean?


The article goes on to state, “The overall findings suggest that Earth’s guts are rather more blobby than we suspected”

Blobby guts!

Me and old mother Earth.


Blobby guts!

I am at the same time one and at peace with my planet.

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