3.10.2020 – No enthusiasm

No enthusiasm
stuck in a rut, routine, meh
No motivation


It is a real word.

A word in the dictionary/

A word expressing a lack of interest or enthusiasm.

As an adjective, uninspiring or unexceptional.

According to wikipedia, meh’s popularity surged after its use on the American animated television series The Simpsons. It was first used in the 1994 episode “Sideshow Bob Roberts”, when a librarian reacts to Lisa’s surprise that voting records are not classified.

Meh was added to the Collins Dictionary of the English Language in 2008.

I call it stuck.

Stuck in a rut.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders describes stuck in a rut as dysthymia — the mild, chronic cousin of depression, the symptoms of which are low energy, low mood, loss of interest, and general anhedonia (loss of pleasure).

I got that from the article 10 Signs That You’re in a Rut by Tania Luna in the magazine, Psychology Today.

She writes:

Let’s talk rut diagnosing, beginning with a checklist. The more items you find yourself checking off, the more likely that you are stuck.

10 – Day to day, you don’t look forward to much (other than maybe sleeping or just getting through whatever you’re doing).

9 – You’d like to get your creative juices flowing, but it seems someone left an empty juice bottle in the fridge.

8 – Even though you keeping checking things off your to do list, it doesn’t feel like you are getting much done.

7 – Your days all blur together, and it’s not weird to look up blinking and ask, “Is this Tuesday or Thursday?”

6 – By the time you get “free time” you are too tired to do something interesting with it or are just plain unmotivated.

5 – If you answered “How are you?” genuinely, you’d say something like, “Meh.”

4 – You fantasize about getting away (and not just away on vacation).

3 – You’d like to add something new to your life, but you’re sure that you’ll never have enough time and/or energy for it.

2 – You’re getting sick of hearing yourself complain about feeling stressed, tired, and unfulfilled.

1 – … and the Number One rut symptom: Even though you think you’d be happier if you made a change, it’s more comforting to stay the same and mope about it.

I scored 10 for 10.

Maybe I got this dysthymia.

Maybe it’s March, before the madness.

Maybe it’s Corona fatigue.

Maybe it’s Election Fatigue.

Maybe it’s the 10 days of rain in the forecast.



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