3.1.2020 – pull those covers up

pull those covers up
up up and over my head
wake me when its done

Want to hit that reset button again.

We have done several times before.

Created a fresh start.

Wiped out debts.

New place.

Same life.

We don’t land on Park Place or Board Walk with hotels.

We just land on income tax, luxury tax and Electric Company.

We keep getting Elected Chairman of the Board – Pay each play $10.


Once a while we get to take a ride on the READING but we don’t pass go.

Going around in circles, how can we expect to get anywhere.

Going around in circles, is it any wonder we feel sick to our stomachs.

Going around in circles and can’t get off but we see the same things coming around again.

Pull those covers up.

Wake me when its done.

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