1.14.2020 – plan to disagree?

plan to disagree?
willful misunderstanding?
different drummers

The other day I quoted Founding Father John Adams’ Rule of Thirds.

Mr. Adams paraphrased rule states, “1/3rd of the people were for it, 1/3rd of the people neutral, and 1/3rd of the people opposed.”

Adams was writing about the almost war with France in the early 1800’s.

Observing the political discussion of today, I am struck by the application of Adam’s rule of thirds.

I am also stuck by the willful misunderstanding of both sides by the other side.

I am sure that before any question, people on either side, have taken their side, and plan to disagree.

Mr. Sun Tzu wrote that a battle is won or lost before it is begun.

Political questions are answered before they are ever asked.

When I started to write this, I was going to bemoan the lack of discussion.

The lack of debate.

The lack of a willingness to see the other side.

If the my dummers are loud enough, I don’t even have to pretend to hear the different drummers.

Then I asked myself what era or political question was I planning to use as a good example?

Mr. Adam’s Rule of Thirds keeps raising its ugly head.

About the only illustration I can come up with is a story my Father used to tell.

My Father’s relatives were farmers in what was then rural Ottawa County in Western Michigan.

My Father remembered how one day during the depression, his Dad took him and his sisters out to visit the family farm.

While everyone was saying hello, meeting and greeting, my Dad’s cousin came into the house.

My Dad says, “hey, where you been?”

The cousin says, “Voting!”

He pointed to the outhouse in the backyard.

“I cast my ballot for Hoover!”

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